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About Bristol Boats

Bristol Boat Centre is a family business established in Bristol in the 1950’s as a chandlery service for the growing leisure boat market. For 27 years up to 1988 it was operated from Victoria Street in the centre of Bristol from where it was moved to Saltford to merge with Bristol Boats Ltd.

Our History

Bristol Boats Ltd. was formed in 1960 as a boat building & repair company. From the outset, active personal participation by the owners in powerboat racing, designing and building, both circuit and offshore, provided valuable expertise in achieving the best performances from outboard powered planing boats. For some 25 years from the early 1960’s to the late 1980’s, ‘Bristol’ boats were almost certainly the most successful racing powerboats winning more races than any other boat brand.

The Company is also well known for it’s range of simulated clinker trout fishing boats. Originally built for Blagdon and Chew Valley lakes.